Introduction of YouTube Vanced 2024

YouTube Vanced 2024 has become an essential part of everyone’s life. We see this many times in every part of our day. From breakfast to lunch, during work and even when we are resting. YouTube Vanced 2024 is the most used Android app for Facebook and Instagram.

Nowadays, everyone likes YouTube because of its high-quality features and functionality. The video resolution of this app is very unique and high. YouTube videos have become an essential part of life. It has everything from learning to entertainment, physical games to mobile gaming, travel videos, and documentary films.

What does it do?

Like the official YouTube application from Google, this app allows users to have access to all the features of the official version. However, it accompanies a smoother and less massive interface. This allows for more helpful experiences for most Android users.

In particular, the application gets rid of all the things that people hate about the official version, which are annoying ads, dull video interface, and many more. Thus, it allows users to truly control their YouTube app with access to all the necessary features.

Features of YouTube Vanced

Watch videos in floating windows

The application allows its users to watch their favourite videos. When the user is doing something else on their mobile or Android devices۔ You can create a video that displays your content, commonly known as a drifting window. For this, you can use YouTube videos to learn more. YouTube Vanced Manager is an essential feature for music seekers that everyone desires. Unlock additional features and capabilities on YouTube with YouTube ReVanced. Learn how to youtube revanced download and use YouTube revanced manager to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy all features on YouTube and more

YouTube Vanced is built in light of the official version. So developers still retain the valuable features that YouTube Vanced has and that every user loves. To achieve this goal, you will also have access to all the valuable features of your official YouTube app. It comes with an interface similar to the official version. New users will find it easy to use.

Change the resolution

You can also set or adjust the screen resolution to your liking while watching videos on the YouTube video application. You can also override the maximum resolution of your videos. And can change these resolution according to your mobile. This feature and features will be useful for new 18:9 screen ratio devices. This will allow you to use the big screen.

Listen to music in the background

In addition, the user can listen to music on YouTube with a playing background. You can do all it allows with your YouTube app open. You can customize the screen of your Android devices. And you can listen to your favourite music. This feature is helpful for people who sometimes listen to music on their YouTube application all the time.

Remove all annoying ads

The main feature of YouTube Vanced is that it saves its users from all the hassles by helping to remove promotions. Which usually pop up when a user is enjoying watching their favourite videos. After that, you can combine videos without interruptions and without being bothered by promotions that you don’t like. If you like a channel and want to support it, you can watch the ads running on that channel’s videos.

Intuitive swipe controls

The application also comes with a framework and features that allow users to customize the elements in the videos to make them more attractive. It is also said to change the screen brightness and volume by swiping with your fingers to increase or decrease the brightness. The most exciting thing is that you don’t need to use any physical buttons for this process.

Choose your preferred speed

To wrap things up, the developers of YouTube Vanced also convey the customized playing speed feature to the Android platform. With this, you can undoubtedly adjust the playback speed of your videos, allowing for great fun and excitement.

Different theme

You can use different themes in this app, including black, dark and white. You can change these themes if you want something more soothing and relaxing for the eyes. However, if you’re going to minimize your discomfort, you should use the white theme. Apart from that, you can choose the one that suits you and is suitable for you.

Auto-repeat videos

Another helpful feature of this application that makes it more interesting is the auto-repeat videos option. It also says that users can watch their favourite videos as many times as they want on YouTube Wednesday. Also, you can replay your music list multiple times without reconfiguring it. This app also allows you to play your list numerous times.

Free to use

We’re really thankful to the developer of Team Vanced for keeping the application free to utilize. With all those amazing features, it’s amazing to find that they still won’t charge any penny for it. So if you like the application, please share it with your friends or donate to the developers so that they can gain more reputations.

Zoom in and out of your videos

With YouTube Vanced, users are also permitted to zoom in and out of their videos while watching them on their Android devices. This is incredibly useful if you’re trying to spot certain details out of a video. Be that as it may, this won’t work on low-resolution videos since you won’t be able to see anything.

Youtube Vanced Root

The YouTube Vanced Root version is designed for devices that can also be called “Googled” devices. Using the root version of YouTube Vanced, you have to do manual settings from the original YouTube app. After which you can use it easily. You can open any YouTube link you want by setting YouTube Vanced as your default app.

Youtube Vanced Huawei

YouTube Vanced is an updated version of YouTube that you can use on your smartphone without using Google services. This app has a facility that you can sign into it. Even if Google services are not available on Huawei phones, you can still use this app on your Huawei smartphones. It not only allows you to access non-rooted devices but also allows you to enjoy ad blocking and background play features. Apart from this, you can also access YouTube’s premium features.

Youtube Vanced Apk GitHub

GitHub is the most trusted platform to create ship and keep the software as it is the best medium for software development. GitHub offers you YouTube backup applications which are being updated constantly. Here you can open them and download them without any problem.


YouTube Vanced resembles a supercharged version of YouTube. It’s packed with cool features like ad-blocking, background play, and offline video downloads. You’ll have more control and customization options to make your YouTube experience even better.


How would I install YouTube Vanced?

  To install Youtube Vanced, you’ll need to download the APK file from a trusted source and then follow the installation instructions.

Can I use YouTube Vanced on iOS devices?

   No, YouTube Vanced is primarily available for Android devices.

How do I block ads on YouTube Vanced?

   YouTube Vanced has a built-in ad-blocking feature that automatically blocks ads while you watch videos.